To refinish hardwood floors in the Vancouver WA, you should expect to pay in average $4.50-$9.50 per sqft for labor and material for roughly about 150 sqft. The price may vary due to condition and type of hardwood flooring. Refinishing you hardwood floor can be a great opportunity to change the overall look of your room. If you’re already clearing out the furniture and making a mess, you can complement that finishing touch by sanding and finishing your floor.

There are two basic steps in refinishing your hardwood floor:

  • Sanding down
  • Applying the finish
Your hardwood floor has taken a beating over the years and probably looks marked up and worn. By sanding the floor, professional can peel off the surface layers and remove stains and scratches, and prepare it for finishing. However, be aware that not all floors are in the right condition to be sanded down, and they should be at least 1/2" thick.

Before sanding, the floor will need to be stripped of any existing protective coating, and nails will need to be removed. Once this is done, the sanding can begin. A drum sander and edger is used. Afterwards, a buffing machine is used to further smooth the surface. Lastly, the floor will need to be vacuumed and cleaned so that the finish can be applied.

After the floor has been sanded and cleaned, it’s time to apply the finish. There are two different types of finishes, water based and oil based.

Oil, which should be natural and not petroleum-based, is both water-resistant and stain resistant. It doesn’t provide much protection against scratches, but it’s relatively easy to apply.

Water based finish provides a thicker layer and it makes your floor very durable.

Why professional is best?
Refinishing a floor is a difficult procedure which requires special machinery and expert knowledge. American Flooring LLC will know if your floor is fit to be sanded down, as well as the best way to go about it. Small spaces and areas close to walls are especially tough to sand and stain, but experienced craftsman know how to work around these difficulties. In addition, a pro will also know the best finish to use on your type of wood, and his workmanship will enable your floor’s natural beauty to shine and last. Floor Refinishing & Flooring Installation Vancouver WA

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